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Tour de France Surfing in San Diego Soccer field in Seattle Las Vegas at night


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Toly Creative


High Definition Digital Images
Guy holding a camera lense Row of cars in Italy Coast of Italy
Red moped parked on street in Italy Water on glass with girl behind it Camera lense suspended in air
Waiting for the cab in the city Picture of France Picture of France
Beautiful fountain in Las Vegas Bike racing Picture of France


Key features of our company





We know photography.

Taking high definition digital images is our specialty.
Our passion is capturing those moments.

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Digital camera

Our Skills.

Provides inspiration through bodies of work from all things photographic.
Up to date as an enthusiast of long zoom cameras, with a touchscreen.

Utilizing photo editing programs such as Photoshop and Illustrater.
Enhancing images to suite the needs of the customers website.



Web Design




Camera with big lenses

About Toly Creative Photography

High definition digital images

Founded in 2012 by amateur street photographer Sean Toly of Seattle Washington. Dissatisfied with mediocre images for web development it was determined that a better source was required for assests that were not marred by compression or artifact issues. Being an avid amatuer photographer and a web designer it seemed natural to blend the two qualities. I really enjoy taking pictures from a multiple angles with a multitude of lenses and equipment. Sometimes this means using the cell phone or smaller hand held camera for a quick shot. Often it is setting up the larger camera and waiting for that opportune moment.

Bokeh and bracketing techniques are typically two of the shooting modes that allow very interesting end results. In addition to these we incorporate HDR modes and exposure settings to achieve the best effect.